Our Hospice staff is on call 24 hours everyday to answer questions and provide assistance including:

  • Nursing Care, available 24 hours
  • Medical Social Services
  • Physician Services
  • Certified Home Health Aide
  • Social Work Service
  • Prescription Medication
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Volunteer Services and Support
  • Respite Services
  • Chaplain (or the Clergy) Support
  • Bereavement Services
  • Multilingual Staff

SWH offers pain management and palliative care to patients, emotional, support to their families and significant others, focusing on enhancing comfort and quality of life in the patient's home or skilled nursing facility.

Who is Eligible

Our Services

All terminally ill patients are qualified for hospice care. The attending physician gives the certifications of terminal illness.

› Medicare/Medical

Hospice Care is fully reimbursed by Medicare and Medicaid.

› Insurance/HMOs

Health Maintenance Organizations. Most companies include Hospice as a benefit.

› Private Party

Arrangements can be made for those who qualify.


Any individual of any age with a diagnosis of a terminal illness is eligible for hospice care. If the physician has not mentioned hospice, the patient and the family can discuss the possibility of the hospice with the physician.



At Sonoran Winds Hospice, we're dedicated to ensuring you and your loved ones can rest easy knowing that we're here to help. 

SWH believes hope is an essential ingredient to the patient's sense of well being. It provides support and direction as the illness progresses. The focus of hope shifts to maintaining the patient's quality of life.


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